Battery Safety Science Webinar Series
June 17, 2021

Multiphysics and Multiscale Modeling of Lithium-ion Battery Safety Issues

Internal short circuit and thermal runaways are typical battery safety issues where electrochemistry, thermal, and mechanics are strongly coupled. Interdisciplinary endeavors are in pressing need to address these safety issues, enabling wider application and further improvement for lithium-ion batteries. Physics-based multiscale modeling provides us an underlying mechanistic understanding of the nature of battery safety.

During his presentation, Dr. Jun Xu provided an organic overview of the research work on the multiphysics and multiscale modeling of lithium-ion battery issues from the atomic scale to pack level in the past few years under the sponsorship of various agencies and industrial partners. A global picture revealed future outlooks and offered useful design methodologies and tools in battery safety and inspire insightful discussions within the research community and industry network.

Download presentation from this webinar.