Battery Safety Science Symposium

Culminating a year of webinars in which the Electrochemical Safety Research Institute (ESRI) brought together a broad range of experts to examine and address various safety-related topics and innovations in batteries
Battery Safety Science Symposium

The Electrochemical Safety Research Institute's focus on battery safety serves the UL mission by conducting scientific studies and disseminating the learnings to drive safe, reliable, innovative designs to meet the world’s increasing and diverse energy demands. Presented by experts in the field of batteries, the webinar series has been a valuable educational tool in informing and supporting a global audience.

The symposium convened eminent experts in the field of batteries to present advancements and new learnings with a focus on safety. From new materials studies to safety-related research, the symposium provided a unique opportunity to look at what the future holds for the battery industry and the areas that need to be further explored to make this form of energy storage safer. 

Fast Facts

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