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Chemical Insights

Chemical Safety and Human Health

Through scientific research, knowledge sharing, and demonstration, Chemical Insights, a research institute of Underwriters Laboratories, contributes to the protection of human health and quality of life improvements. Chemical Insights helps reduce and eliminate the adverse human health impacts of environmental and chemical pollution, in everyday life, on a global basis by researching, communicating, and providing tools for safer working, living, and learning environments.

What Makes Us Chemical Insights?

We deliver the scientific insights that policymakers, healthcare providers, business leaders, and consumers depend on to make informed environmental health decisions. Combining the best minds, rigorous scientific research and a commitment for thorough and accurate results, Chemical Insights provides knowledge for improving the health of people and the planet.


Our work lets people around the world know what pollutants are in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the products we interact with every day; how people are exposed to them; and how that exposure impacts human health.

Chemical Insights conducts its scientific research on pollutant exposure safety both independently and in collaboration with trusted research universities and leading experts. With a relentless commitment to precision, and a vetting process that ensures transparency, our stakeholders worldwide have the confidence that our research is accurate and objective.


By discussing, and at times debating, results and impacts through worldwide panels and conferences with diverse experts and stakeholders, we know that the insights we share through publications, conferences, social media and other communications channels are as clear and free from bias as possible.


Chemical Insights contributes to the protection of human health and well-being by conducting scientific research. Our study approach identifies sources of environmental pollutants, determines human exposure levels, evaluates toxicity and health risks, and studies solutions for reduction. We share our knowledge to manage and mitigate sources and adverse impacts of environmental pollution on human health.

Key research topics include Aerosol Emissions from 3D Printing, Flame Retardant Exposure, Furniture Flammability, Chemical Exposure Routes, Global Air Pollution Sources and Reduction, e-Cigarette and Vaping Aerosol Toxicity, and Wildfire Combustion.

With this research in hand, we convene diverse stakeholders to discuss, and at times debate, science and strategies through worldwide panels and conferences, which pave the way for additional research, improved practices, alternative product design, new legislation, and regulatory changes and education to enable safer products and healthier environments.


We seek to conduct and share our science research for the greater good—making the world a safer, healthier place. Find out more about the scientific conferences and workshops where our research will be presented, learn about our upcoming workshops and summits, and follow our latest research.