Addressing the Human Health Risks of Chemical Pollution

Guided by the idea that modern materials and technologies, however useful, should be carefully studied to make sure that we understand the impact of their chemical composition and emissions on human health, Underwriters Laboratories conducts research and collaborates with universities, and other research and knowledge institutions. Chemical Insights experts seek to bring data-driven knowledge to scientific, business and policy leaders, raising their awareness of potential human health risks from rapidly emerging technological innovation.

Chemical Insights contributes to the protection of human health and wellbeing through scientific research in the area of chemical safety. Through discovery, research and sharing of knowledge, we are a catalyst for solutions to prevent and reduce the impact of chemical pollution.

Addressing the Human Health Risks of Chemical Pollution

Paving the Way for a Safer, Healthier and Cleaner World

With research in hand, UL convenes stakeholders to discuss chemical safety science and provides transparent data and information through peer-reviewed journals, conferences and other open communication channels.

UL also organizes and facilitates forums and roundtables of parties with diverse interests to pave the way for additional needed research, development of improved business practices, alternative product design, new legislation and regulatory changes and education to enable safe commercialization of products and healthy environments.

Within the human health arena, UL has hosted roundtables on chemical exposures, 3D printing, formaldehyde exposure from consumer products and indoor/outdoor air pollution in China. In conjunction with the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI), Chemical Insights experts have hosted multiple summits on furniture flammability and human health to explore chemical and fire safety solutions.

Science for Safer Chemical Advancement 

UL's focus on chemical safety and human health serves the UL mission by advancing objective, scientific knowledge of chemical pollution and its potential impact on health and wellbeing.

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