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Electrochemical Safety

The Electrochemical Safety Research Institute Investigates the Safety and Performance Limits of Energy Technologies

At a time when potentially risky energy storage technologies can be found in everything from consumer products to transportation and grid storage, Underwriters Laboratories helps to lay the groundwork for energy storage designs that are reliable and safe. Through electrochemical safety research that pushes existing technologies beyond their limits, we help experts discover and collaborate on insights that lead to innovation in performance and safety.
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Collaborating to Meet the World’s Energy Safety Needs

In addition to publishing academic research and disseminating information at conferences and through digital channels, Underwriters Laboratories convenes diverse stakeholders to find solutions. This includes global battery summits and the Battery Safety Council, an organization we co-lead with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The Underwriters Laboratories electrochemical safety team also works with UL Standards to develop standards that factor in the most current safety and performance data.


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Battery Safety
Science for Safer Energy Designs

Underwriters Laboratories' focus on electrochemical safety serves our mission by conducting research and sharing data-driven knowledge to drive safe, reliable, innovative designs to meet the world’s increasing energy demands.

Underwriters Laboratories conducts original scientific research and releases information and reports for the benefit of public and private stakeholders.


The electrochemical safety team carries out research on cells and batteries to advance safer energy storage through science. Our current focus is on the lithium-ion battery chemistry and the issues that exist with this chemistry. We collaborate with academia, national labs and other organizations in the private and government sectors to conduct such studies and build synergies.

We share research insights through journal publications, conference presentations, white papers, newsletter articles, infographics and videos to promote safer energy storage solutions in applications from consumer electronics to very large stationary systems.  

We convene stakeholder engagements in the form of webinars, council meetings and summits to share data-driven knowledge. These interventions help in assimilating global views and expertise on advances in research and innovations in the energy storage space.

Our interventions support the development of new and revision of existing safety standards to meet the world’s increasing energy demands.   


We convene Battery Safety Council meetings, Battery Safety Summits and the Battery Safety Science Webinar Series to bring together subject matter experts, scientists, industry, government and technical professionals to share insights on new research and innovations and disseminate knowledge regarding lessons learned to benefit public safety.