A Safer World Starts Here, With Science and Standards

As we grow to meet tomorrow’s safety challenges, we envision a future where safety science is more available and more impactful than ever before.

Today’s rapidly changing world needs a renewed commitment to safety — as a modern, collaborative, and global practice that moves in tandem with discovery. This is the vision that we have long championed and the future that our organizations are helping to build.

At UL Research Institutes, our world-class scientists conduct rigorous independent research that accelerates discoveries designed to address the world’s increasingly urgent public safety risks. At UL Standards & Engagement, we mobilize a wide array of global safety science experts to oversee the creation of trusted standards and public outreach programs that guide the safe and sustainable use of both emerging and legacy products.

Together we seek to produce new knowledge and act to make existing technologies safer while striving to mitigate risks in the earliest stages of technological advancement.

An Experience Designed for the Modern World

Our new brands express the legacy and mission our UL enterprise organizations share while clarifying the distinct role each has in addressing the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Built for today's world, our new brands highlight the unique role of each organization through their names and signature colors. Ultimately, whether you encounter us in person or online, you’ll see in our brands the focus of each organization and the ways in which they work together to pursue our long-standing mission of a safer world.

We’re proud to bring the famous UL monogram with us while also taking the opportunity to reimagine our presence.

The electric blue of UL Research Institutes expresses the dynamism of our scientific research. UL Standards & Engagement collaboratively creates systemic impact and so has an optimistic and inviting vibrant green. Together with UL Solutions, we bring collective expertise to every facet of safety, security, and sustainability.

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UL Research Institutes

UL Research Institutes is a leading independent safety science organization with global reach. Dedicated to exploring vital questions related to public safety, we sense and act on risks to humanity and our planet.

Since 1894, our trusted research has engaged the ingenuity of top minds across scientific disciplines to engineer a safer and more sustainable world. Science builds the knowledge required to mitigate complex safety problems like environmental and chemical pollution or artificial intelligence inequities — and our rigorous, objective investigations uncover that knowledge.


UL Standards & Engagement

UL Standards & Engagement translates scientific discoveries into standards and policies that have the power to make a systemic impact on public safety throughout the world. 

Distinguished by our independent research and informed foresight, we've been translating cutting-edge science into practical standards since 1903. Our extensive library of standards helps to make everyday things safer, more secure, and more sustainable, from life jackets to batteries to autonomous cars.

It’s a mission we pursue across the globe and in many venues. We partner with leading minds and national standards bodies while driving public safety advocacy campaigns.