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February 24, 2023

Aging and Safety in Pouch Cells

Aging and Safety in Pouch Cells

Unlike the cylindrical cells that have protective devices embedded within the cell that protect against overcharge, large currents (external short circuit), and high temperatures, pouch cells are not designed with those devices. In this work, the behavior of fresh and aged pouch cells and modules under off-nominal conditions is investigated. The aging data for all test articles is shared here.

Cycle life aging data for pouch cells and modules.

The pouch cell has graphite as the anode and nickel-cobalt-aluminum oxide (NCA) as the cathode active materials.

Modules have a 5P5S (5 cells in parallel (bank), 5 banks in series) configuration. 

Data Repositories

  1. Cycle Life Aging Test - Pouch Cell - Single Cell
  2. Cycle Life Aging Test - Pouch Cell - Modules


The aging data for pouch single cells and modules were published in the following journal publication:

Degradation-Safety Analytics in Lithium-Ion Cells: Part III. Aging and Safety of Pouch Format Cells