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June 15, 2021

What Needs to Be Controlled to Manufacture High‑Quality Cells and Batteries?

Scientist making lithium ion battery samples in battery research facility

The nature of lithium-ion cell and battery manufacturing requires stringent process control because low quality, the presence of defects and the lack of relevant design controls can lead to catastrophic failures. An article on this subject by Judy Jeevarajan, Ph.D., Underwriters Laboratories research director for electrochemical safety, was recently featured in Emerging Technology News.

As the Li-ion cell and battery manufacturing industry grows, it has been noted that those products manufactured with a lack of quality and configuration control are at a higher risk for catastrophic failures such as fire, smoke, and thermal runaway in-field use. Thermal runaway occurs when the heat produced in a cell or battery is higher than the heat dissipated from it resulting in a rapid temperature rise and typically accompanied by fire and/or smoke.

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