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August 2, 2023

Reducing Risks of Battery Fires from Electric Vehicles and on Planes

Our Senior Vice President and Chief Research Officer Dr. Chris Cramer recently noted to the Washington Post that some research has found that electric cars (EVs) are generally less prone to fires than vehicles with gasoline-powered engines, but “when they do have a fire, it's a really bad fire.”

To reduce that fire risk even more, he recommended following the charging instructions in your EV’s owner’s manual, and if you’re in a crash, have an authorized dealer or repair specialist check your car for potential battery damage.

How are are fires on airplanes from lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery-powered devices addressed?

Reducing Risks of Battery Fires from Electric Vehicles and on PlanesCramer also discussed how airline crews have training and equipment to throw overheating laptops or other devices with rechargeable batteries into fire containment bags. 

He said airplane crew training and our vigilance helps keeps flights safe from battery fires: “The current level of risk is understood and the mitigation that is in place has been successful.”

Interested in more information on the danger of fires from batteries in electric cars, what happens if a laptop battery catches fire on an airplane, and buying replacement batteries for your phone or other gadgets? 

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