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The Future of Safety Science

We’re looking for inquisitive students who are ready to explore the exponentially growing field of global safety science and sustainability as part of an exciting new webinar series.
The Future of Safety Science

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Whether you’re interested in communications or chemistry, project management or physics, data science or design, engineering or education, there are opportunities for you in the dynamic and exponentially growing field of global safety science and sustainability.

  • Are you interested in discovering opportunities in research and standards that solve critical safety issues?
  • How will we engineer the world to live in sustainable ways with limited resources?
  • What are the careers available in the future of safety science?

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At the above link, you can register for individual webinars or for the entire series.

Fast Facts

  • Our webinar series launched on September 3, 2021. A printable overview of the series is available here.

  • The webinars will connect you with premier research, standards and education professionals from around the globe.

  • Join the webinars to explore new careers, connect with experts from an array of disciplines, and prepare for your path forward.

  • The webinars are free to join. Registration for the series is open now!

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