FSRI research engineers conduct a live-fire experiment.

Fire Safety Research Institute

Advancing Fire Safety

The Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) is dedicated to addressing the world’s unresolved fire safety risks and emerging dangers. FSRI is committed to sharing our fire safety insights with everyone to advance UL Research Institutes’ public safety mission of providing safe living and working environments for people everywhere.
Fire coming out of the windows of a prop house
Advancing Fire Safety Science

Our Commitment

FSRI strives to advance fire safety knowledge and strategies in order to create safer environments. Using advanced fire science, rigorous research, extensive outreach and education in collaboration with an international network of partners, the organization imparts stakeholders with knowledge, tools and resources that enable them to make better, more fire-safe decisions that ultimately save lives and property.

Where Science Meets the Street
Where Science Meets the Street

Improving Fire Safety Through Research Implementation

Through our people, our work and our partnerships, FSRI provides science-based insights that are applied broadly by stakeholders to advance fire safety.

UL's Fire Safety Research Institute
Disseminating Research Through Cutting-Edge Training

Dedicated to Increasing Firefighter Knowledge to Advance Safety

The FSRI Fire Safety Academy is an online learning management system equipped with numerous training courses designed for real-world application. As the fire environment continues to evolve and increase challenges for the fire service, training is more important than ever. Firefighting is a science, and the more the fire service can learn about fire dynamics and how their tactics impact the fire, the more effective their tactical decisions will become.


FSRI projects are scoped and executed to address real fire safety issues, deliver actionable insights and provide unique resources to enable research findings to be put into practice to advance fire safety. Learn more about UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute research projects and programs through the initiatives shown below.



UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) advances fire safety knowledge to address the world’s unresolved fire safety risks and emerging dangers. Browse FSRI’s database of digital resources below.


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Working in partnership with the fire service, research departments, and agencies, UL's Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) executes fire safety research and makes the results widely available to the global fire service and their communities. Check back here for upcoming conferences, workshops and other events where we will be sharing our research findings.