Developing safety, health and sustainability education interventions to inspire behavior change and empower positive action

Office of Research Experiences and Education

The Office of Research Experiences and Education (OREE) is building the future of safety science.

OREE translates the research outcomes from UL Research Institutes into compelling education materials. Then, we deploy those materials to create equity and opportunity for a continuum of students from secondary through post-graduates. Our goal is to broaden the understanding of and participation in safety science and contribute to cultivating the next generation of UL Research Institutes' global innovators.

Education draws from our organization’s research, and research experiences draw students and professionals into our areas of inquiry.

The office coordinates its efforts across these branches to contribute to UL Research Institutes' mission of building a safer, more sustainable world.
Education Sites
Building the Future of Safety Science

Our Commitment

We advance safety and sustainability by creating equity for all students through thoughtful, relevant, and meaningful STEM education and career pathways. We are committed to creating safe, sustainable communities through education and opportunity.

Education and Outreach Communications
Equity and Access to Careers in Safety Science

We design research experiences along a range of career pathways to create access and opportunities for students and professionals in research and in standards development.

Our commitment includes building, supporting, and expanding opportunities for scholars across the organization, offering virtual engagements with our experts; placing secondary, post-secondary and post-graduate students into relevant and meaningful research assignments, and partnering with universities, community colleges and NGOs to identify scholars with whom we can collaborate.

Equity and Excellence in STEM Education

OREE initiatives in STEM education create opportunities and free resources for secondary students worldwide. These dynamic resources are useful catalysts for safety science knowledge development, inquiry, engagement, and action. 
Xplorlabs is a STEM learning platform designed to be a conduit from our labs to communities and classrooms.


Education and Outreach plays a leadership role with several of our programs and outreach efforts. Each of these programs leverages our longstanding history of producing safety education content, as well as to further Underwriters Laboratories' global resources in science and engineering.


We are fortunate to work in partnership with edcucators and organizations around the globe, who primarily focus on safety, STEM, engineering, and environmental sustainability.  See some of our latest and greatest work in our online document library. 

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