Engaging the Next Generation Through Collaborations and Partnerships

Working collaboratively with internal and external partners, we help to provide access and educational opportunities for all students interested in safety science pathways.
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Our coordinated efforts to offer real-world experiences and educational materials to STEM students help to cultivate curiosity and support career exploration. 

The Office of Research Experiences & Education (OREE) collaborates with strategic partners across sectors at the national, regional, and community level. There are countless potential career and education pathways within the wide-ranging field of safety science. When we work with local leaders and mission-aligned organizations, we empower students and young professionals to work together with experts, discover new career opportunities, and apply their knowledge of safety science in their own networks and communities.

Through partnerships and collaborations, we bring together trust, expertise, and relevance to create stronger educational and research experiences. Together, we build our capacity of working towards the mission of creating opportunities and education in safety science.

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