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October 19, 2022

Materials Discovery Research Institute Featured in MDS‑Rely Publication

Stuart Miller
MDRI Executive Director Stuart Miller

The Materials Discovery Research Institute (MDRI) at UL Research Institutes and MDRI Executive Director Stuart Miller are featured in the October 2022 issue of the MDS-Rely newsletter.

The newsletter, published by the Center for Materials Data Science for Reliability and Degradation, spotlights MDRI’s work to create new materials that can help address the critical challenges of producing resilience for a sustainable future and protecting individual and societal health. It covers MDRI’s research approach, which taps into the potential of advanced computers and modern experimental methods to accelerate the pace of discovery.

“We are creating a state-of-the-art research institute to enable the intelligent design of materials with unique chemical composition and structures that will enable the storage of energy from renewable sources, more plentiful water, and healthier air,” Miller said in the article. “Materials discovery is an essential area of chemistry to alleviate public safety challenges.”

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