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April 17, 2024

Learn How the 2023 Lahaina Fire in Hawaiʻi Unfolded

Lahaina Fire Comprehensive Timeline Report CoverA chronological outline of the major events and response efforts related to the catastrophic fire in Lahaina, Hawaiʻi, in August 2023, has been released — offering insight into preparedness efforts, weather and its impact to infrastructure, and other fires prior to, during, and immediately following the fire.

The Lahaina Fire Comprehensive Timeline Report, which was released by Hawaiʻi state officials in April 2024, details the first phase of an independent analysis conducted by the Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) of UL Research Institutes. FSRI was selected to complete the analysis based on its subject matter expertise in fire dynamics and structure-to-structure fire spread.

Access the full report and a minute-by-minute timeline of the events.