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January 24, 2024

Launching the Updated Fire Safety Academy 2.0

woman looking at laptop with fire safety academyOn Jan. 24, the Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) launched an updated online learning platform for the fire service, the Fire Safety Academy (FSA) 2.0. Designed in partnership with the fire service and the Training Advisory Committee, these new changes have brought improved functionality and a more engaging user experience to the platform, making it easier than ever for the fire service to stay abreast of the latest safety science. 

The range of new features in the FSA 2.0 are tailored to meet the evolving needs of training officers and firefighters.

For training officers:

  • Deliver in-person training to groups of students.
  • Efficiently manage your department’s performance through robust tools.
  • Integrate with other learning platforms.

For firefighters:

  • Learn anywhere, anytime through quick, bite-sized lessons. 
  • Trust that the courses are based on national standards.
  • Get course recommendations based on your role and experience.
  • Jump to specific content using integrated links.
  • Follow custom learning pathways with certifications

To date, the FSA has launched over 30 science-based courses on topics including fire dynamics, firefighting tactics, and firefighter health. The FSA currently has more than 110,000 registered users, representing 25% of U.S. fire departments. Users have completed over 350,000 training courses. The recent updates represent a significant milestone in our commitment to providing first-class, evidence-based fire safety training.

Learn more at FSRI.org.