We seek to foster relationships and facilitate discussions that improve safety policies and practices around the world.


Guided by our commitment to three grand challenges the world is facing today, we work for a safer and more resilient society by conducting fundamental and applied research. 

We foster and sustain public trust in our work through our commitment to independence, rigor, and transparency. Importantly, we share the knowledge we create for the public good.

As we evaluate the development of new technologies and new environmental or societal circumstances, we also assess our ability to target them with new safety-science research efforts that will have positive impacts.

To ensure our work is both relevant and advances our public safety mission, we partner with a wide variety of stakeholders. We aim to help build and expand coalitions of experts so that, together, we can better pursue and address safety risks. And finally, we share our research outcomes in ways designed to maximize their influence by communicating and educating audiences.


Our Three Grand Challenges


#1: Building Resilience for a Sustainable Future

Many solutions to climate change are technologies that will play a vital role in driving down global carbon emissions. We are working to build safety into the design, development, and deployment of renewable energy technologies.


#2: Advancing Individual and Societal Health in the 21st Century

New manufactured products and chemicals play an important role in societal progress. We are investigating the long-term impact of these chemicals on people, other species, and ecosystems.


#3: Promoting Safety at the Human-Digital Interface

We are in the early stages of a technological revolution powered by digital intelligence. We are also becoming familiar with problems in the digital ecosystem. We are aiming to develop new frameworks for digital safety in partnership with experts worldwide.

Our Research Institutes and Offices

3D printer

Chemical Insights Research Institute

Promoting human health through research and awareness of the potential risks of chemical pollutants

Digital Intelligence Safety Research Institute

Digital Safety Research Institute

Developing new frameworks for data privacy, cybersecurity, trustworthy software/AI, and assured autonomy

Li-ion battery energy storage system at a renewable energy power plant

Electrochemical Safety Research Institute

Investigating the limits of electrochemical technologies to drive safer innovations and product performance

UL's Fire Safety Research Institute

Fire Safety Research Institute

Dedicated to addressing the world’s unresolved fire safety risks and emerging dangers


Materials Discovery Research Institute

Working to develop and deploy new materials with the potential to address current global safety challenges

students entering the library

Office of Research Experiences & Education

Inspiring behavior change and awareness, and empowering positive action



Aligning with innovative partners to help accomplish our safety science mission.