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August 7, 2023

A Scaled Multiyear Responsible AI Impact Assessment

A Scaled Multiyear Responsible Artificial Intelligence Impact AssessmentDigital Safety Research Institute (DSRI) Director of Advanced Test Research Sean McGregor recently authored a peer-reviewed article in IEEE Computer Magazine. The article, titled “A Scaled Multiyear Responsible Artificial Intelligence Impact Assessment,” provides an overview of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE $5 million competition. The purpose of the AI XPRIZE is to serve as a catalyst for change by increasing investments in socially important areas of engineering. With spending in artificial intelligence (AI) for commercial aims growing to more than $93.5 billion annually1 , the importance of safely connecting these investments to positive social impacts has never been greater.

McGregor noted, “the key to the AI XPRIZE process, and any responsible AI engineering process, is identifying the risks so that they can be appropriately regulated. As world governments increasingly look to regulate deployments of AI, they would do well to foster a business environment whereby companies are forced to undergo the sort of self-examination required by the prize.” 

The “AI for Good” prize launched in 2017 and concluded in 2021 with three outstanding teams providing exemplary work in advancing the health and safety of humanity. 

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