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September 20, 2022

New Research Released on the Toxicological Properties of 3D Printer Emissions

Dosimetric and Toxicological Analysis of 3D Printer Emitted ParticlesChemical Insights Research Institute released a new report “Dosimetric and Toxicological Analysis of 3D Printer Emitted Particles.” Based on novel research conducted with our research partner, Georgia State University School of Public Health, this report presents data indicating the toxicity potential of 3D printer emissions as obtained from airborne particles released during the operation of fused filament fabrication (FFF) printers. Data indicate that exposure to particle emissions may result in cellular injury, inflammation, and oxidative damage of important biomolecules.

3D printing is an exciting innovation transforming STEM educational experiences, manufacturing, research, and consumer applications. Attention to key safety protocols including selection and purchase of low-emitting 3D printers, providing good ventilation and particle filtration, and distancing observers from operating printers should be considered.