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May 17, 2023

Focus on Global Grand Challenges: UL Research Institutes Progress Report

Earth viewed from outer space

Today’s world faces urgent, complex challenges. Throughout 2022, UL Research Institutes (ULRI) greatly expanded in both scope and scale to focus on three selected challenges — those of producing resilience for a sustainable future, protecting individual and societal health in the 21st century, and mitigating as well as understanding the risks that digital systems pose. 

The inaugural ULRI progress report — “Revolutionizing Safety Through Science” — highlights how ULRI’s research institutes and offices are tackling these global challenges in pursuit of a safer and more sustainable future. 

“We are working to drive progress toward global goals, transforming ourselves to accelerate discoveries that will help build a future with safety science at its core,” said Chris Cramer, ULRI senior vice president and chief research officer. “We believe it’s past time to begin forging a safer path through the 21st century than we did through the 20th.”  

See how ULRI is revolutionizing safety through science.