Advancing Fire Safety Science to Protect People and Property

The UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) collaborates with the global fire service to generate and share life-saving fire safety science knowledge that firefighters use every day to make better decisions in the line of duty.

Advancing Fire Safety Science to Protect People and Property

Fire safety: Our commitment

Guided by a global advisory board comprised of fire service personnel, UL FSRI investigates residential, commercial and industrial fires through full-scale testing, field-testing and modeling to replicate actual fire ground conditions faced by firefighters. Research results are vetted through academic and peer review, published in journals and as digital content and transformed into e-learning and face-to-face training courses that have reached hundreds of thousands of firefighters globally. UL FSRI further convenes fire service and other stakeholders with varied health and fire safety interests to raise awareness of issues and disseminate research findings on topics such as usage of specific firefighting tactics.

Improving firefighting strategies and practices through research

The UL FSRI focus on fire safety serves the UL mission by providing independent research knowledge and training for the fire science community around the world to protect people and property.

UL FSRI is dedicated to increasing firefighter knowledge to advance safety

Working in partnership with the fire service, research departments and agencies, UL FSRI executes cutting-edge firefighter research and makes the results widely available to the global fire community.  With a team of pioneering experts and access to UL’s leading infrastructure, equipment, vast knowledge and insights, UL FSRI conducts and disseminates cutting-edge research and training programs that focus on the changing dynamics of residential, commercial and industrial fires and the impact they have on the fire service tactics and strategies.

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