Investigating Safety and Performance Limits of Energy Technologies

At a time when potentially risky energy storage technologies can be found in everything from consumer products to transportation and grid storage, Underwriters Laboratories is helping to lay the groundwork for energy storage designs that are reliable and safe through battery safety research that pushes existing technologies beyond their limits, providing insights that can lead to innovation in performance and safety.

Investigating Safety and Performance Limits of Energy Technologies

Collaborating to Meet the World’s Energy Safety Needs

In addition to academic publishing and dissemination of information through conferences and digital channels, UL convenes diverse stakeholders to find solutions such as through global battery summits and the Battery Safety Council, an organization co-led by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and UL. The team also works with UL Standards to develop standards that factor in the most current safety and performance data.

Science for Safer Energy Designs

UL's focus on battery safety serves the UL mission by conducting research and sharing data-driven knowledge to drive safe, reliable, innovative designs to meet the world’s increasing energy demands.


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