World Energy Storage Day 2022

Join us at the World Energy Storage Day virtual global conference to discuss the importance of green energy and clean transportation.

With a rising focus on the effective integration of renewable energy, the importance of electric vehicle and reliable, resilient energy supply, energy storage is becoming an increasingly important tool in the electricity ecosystem. With energy storage rising to the forefront of industry developments, World Energy Storage Day is commemorated on Sept. 22 every year by various global industry stakeholders, policy makers, think tanks, and associations to acknowledge its importance across the globe.

As a Gold Partner for this conference, our workshop "Hazards Associated with Battery Fires in EV and ESS" focuses on battery aging hazards and emissions and explosions associated with lithium-ion batteries under off-nominal conditions.

Lithium-ion battery fires have become a common occurrence today with the inception of e-mobility (EV) and stationary grid energy storage systems (ESS). Thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries is accompanied by high temperatures, venting, fire, smoke, and particular emissions. The gaseous components of the fire and smoke can be above lower flammability limit (LFL) and cause explosions if trapped within a restricted volume as with EV and ESS. Hazards such as cycle life and calendar life aging under extreme environmental conditions can lead to various levels of degradation. Some degradations can lead to hazardous events in the batteries causing thermal runaway and fires.

All are welcome to participate in the workshop. On the day of the event, our workshop will be located in Workshop Hall 2. 

We are also hosting a virtual booth to learn more about UL Research Institutes, ESRI's mission, a video, and 10 downloadable assets.

World Energy Storage Day