16th International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property Crime Conference

16th International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference

The 16th International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference will take place from Sept. 25-27 in Oslo, Norway. Co-hosted by INTERPOL and the Norwegian Police Service in partnership with our colleagues at UL Standards & Engagement, the theme of this year's global conference is "Pathways to Solutions," featuring a full schedule of plenary sessions, panel sessions, and breakout sessions on current trends and emerging risks associated with transnational organized IP crime and illicit trade.

Join our executive leaders and members of the Digital Safety Research Institute (DSRI) for several insightful sessions, including a presentation from Jill Crisman, vice president and executive director of DSRI, on "IP Crime in the Face of Generative AI (GenAI)." Michael Hill, technical training lead at DSRI, will speak on "The Power and Pitfalls of Emerging Technology and Artificial Intelligence."

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