Annual Research Symposium

Annual Research Symposium
Kellogg Global Hub
Evanston, IL
United States

In this inaugural symposium, we'll share scientific insights and recent results relevant to our first Grand Challenge commitment of Building Resilience for a Sustainable Future. Leaders from our Office of Research Experiences & Education, and from our Electrochemical Safety, Chemical Insights, Fire Safety, and Materials Discovery research institutes, will all discuss their trailblazing work and further engage attendees in collaborative visioning and discussion.

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By bringing together leaders from various organizations and scientific fields, we aim to accelerate discovery that will lead to innovative solutions to today’s complex challenges. There’s no denying that our world faces significant resiliency and sustainability threats, but we at ULRI are confident that collaborative research will multiply the impact of our work to understand and respond to these and other global safety issues.

The symposium will feature invigorating exchanges and knowledge sharing, with speakers highlighting the latest advances on the frontiers of multiple topics and further engaging attendees in collaborative visioning and discussion.

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