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Learn How the 2023
Lahaina Fire Unfolded

Read the Lahaina Fire Timeline Report which chronicles the major events and response efforts related to the catastrophic fire on Maui last August.

Maui wildfires 2023
2023 Impact Report

Bringing Safety Science Research to Life

Gain insight into how our top scientists strive to keep people safe at home and in their communities by tackling emerging threats to our environment, physical health, and the digital ecosystem.

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Tackling Three Grand Challenges

Our work is guided by our commitment to build resilience for a sustainable future; advance individual and societal health in the 21st century; and promote safety at the human-digital interface.

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Discoveries in Safety

UL Research Institutes is a leading independent safety science organization with global reach. We sense and act on risks to public safety with bold hypotheses and objective investigations. Learn about our commitment to tackling three grand challenges.