Society of Toxicology 2024 Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting
people sitting in audience
Salt Lake City, Utah
United States

Chemical Insights Research Institute (CIRI) is presenting its latest research data on the toxicological impact of chemical pollutants and heavy metals released during the use of 3D printing and vaping. CIRI will also discuss approaches for measuring exposure to community wildfire smoke, all at the 2024 Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting March 10-14 in Salt Lake City.

CIRI Research Scientist Dr. Xiaojia He will be presented with an award for Best Paper by the SOT Exposure Specialty Section (ESS) for his work on The American Journal of Physiology article, "Low-Dose Vanadium Pentoxide Perturbed Lung Metabolism Associated with Inflammation and Fibrosis Signaling in Male Animal and In Vitro Models." This paper was selected as an excellent illustration of the importance of exposure science, underscoring the mission and objectives of the ESS.

As a special event, CIRI is supporting a session on “Career Exploration through Speed Informational Interviews,” an event designed for graduate students and postdoctoral members to gain invaluable career advice from professionals representing careers in academia, industry, and government. CIRI will be represented at the event by Dr. Christa Wright.

Based on this research, 3D printing users should be aware of the potential hazards of emissions and take appropriate measures to mitigate exposure.

The CIRI presentations include:

  • Dr. Lillie Barnett will present “High School 3D Printer Emissions Elicit Filament-Specific and Dose-Dependent Metabolic and Genotoxic Effects in Human Airway Epithelial Cells.”

  • Dr. Maureen Meister will present “Vaping Behavior Dictates Heavy Metal Exposure and Associated Oral Oxidative Stress Response.”

  • Dr. Xiaojia He will present “Puff-Volume Dependent Heavy Metal Exposure from ENDS Aerosols Perturbed Salivary Proteome and Metabolome.”

  • Dr. Mark Wilson, in collaboration with CIRI’s research partner, will introduce “A Laboratory Simulation of Combustion Emissions from Wildland Urban Interface Fires.”