48th International Conference and Expo on Advanced Ceramics and Composites

Daytona Beach, Fla.
United States

Electrochemical Safety Research Institute at the 48th International Conference & Exposition on Advanced Ceramics & CompositesJoin the Electrochemical Safety Research Institute (ESRI) at the 48th International Conference and Exposition on Advanced Ceramics and Composites (ICACC) from Jan. 28 to Feb. 2, 2024, in Daytona Beach, Florida. The event will bring together key experts from around the world to present the latest advancements in science, technology, manufacturing, research, environment, earth science, geology, gemstones, ceramics, gems, ceramic materials, and ceramic coatings.  

On Jan. 29, ESRI's Vice President and Executive Director Dr. Judy Jeevarajan will deliver a plenary session on "Materials and Designs to Mitigate Thermal Runaway Propagation in Lithium-ion Cell and Battery Shipments." The session will highlight research studies conducted on various materials and designs to determine their efficacy in preventing the propagation of thermal runaway in lithium-ion cells and modules as prepared for shipment. 

ICACC 2024 provides a platform for state-of-the-art presentations and information exchange on cutting-edge ceramic and composite technologies. The technical sessions offer a platform for experts from various fields to present and discuss their latest findings on ceramic science and technology. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the ceramic researchers and developers from the national and global technical community. View the agenda and register today!