Study of Coordinated Fire Attack Utilizing Acquired Structures

UL FSRI Conducts Research Experiments Utilizing Acquired Apartment Building

August 1, 2019

Firefighters in front of an apartment building on fire

In partnership with the Cobb County Fire Department in Georgia, the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) conducted a series of experiments involving live-fire. The experiments were conducted inside four apartment complexes that had been purchased by the county and were slated for demolition.

Firefighters from Cobb County and other surrounding fire departments participated in the experiments. The “Study of Coordinated Fire Attack in Acquired Structures” project is funded by the Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Assistance to Firefighters Grant program. The results and conclusions of this project will be used to improve firefighting tactics, fire ground safety, fire dynamics knowledge, and to improve firefighter standard operating procedures. A comprehensive fire service outreach program will make sure that this science meets the street.


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In the media: 

Fire department conducts live fire experiments

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