Spreading the Word that Stops the Spread of Fire: Close Before You Doze

Year Two of Close Before You Doze Campaign Leverages Fire Service to Reach Public

Fire Safety
September 14, 2017

Add closed doors to your fire safety toolbox.

The first year of the Close Before You Doze campaign focused on reaching out to consumers directly, but now, the UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) and its Public Education Advisory Group are leveraging the fire service to bring this important safety message to communities around the world.

UL FSRI has created a first responders’ portal that features an entire suite of information and turnkey tools to help spread the word that a closed door can stop the spread of fire.

CloseYourDoor.org has been enhanced to include a new carousel on the homepage that includes the "Close Before You Doze Slam Video" reminding the public why they should close their doors before going to bed and the "Close Before You Doze - Fire Service Leaders" testimonial video from fire service leaders urging their colleagues to help promote this message.

Clicking the “First Responders” link in the top navigation takes users to the all-new Close Before You Doze first responders portal where public relations and outreach materials can be accessed:

  • PR Toolbox contains a guide for working with the media, a customizable press release, pre-written social media posts, a bylined column that local fire service leaders can personalize and submit to newspapers for publication.
  • Through the Outreach Toolbox, fire departments can download or order flyers, door hangers, magnets and stickers to hand out at events or in classrooms.


Slam video from UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute on Vimeo.


Close Before You Doze - Fire Service Leaders video from UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute on Vimeo.