Spreading the Word that Stops the Spread of Fire: Close Before You Doze

UL FSRI Creates Public Education Advisory Group to Launch Campaign

Fire Safety
September 15, 2016

Collage of photos of the public education advisory group

The UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) has brought together a Public Education Advisory Group made up of fire service professionals from around the U.S. to assist in bringing the Close Your Door public fire safety campaign, Close Before You Doze, to life. 

The Public Education Advisory Group is comprised of members of the fire service and serves to provide guidance on the development and execution of UL FSRI programs and campaigns to educate the general public about fire safety and awareness of preventative measures that can help save lives. They provide the invaluable perspective of firefighters, both from what they’ve learned on the job and while conducting their own fire safety education and training activities.

Public Fire Safety Education Advisory Group members:

Sean DeCraneBattalion Chief (retired), Manager of Industry Relations

Sean DeCrane retired as a 25+ year veteran of the Cleveland Division of Fire. He served in various roles including the Director of Training and Chief of Operations retiring as a Battalion Chief. Sean is currently the Manager of Industry Relations for the Underwriters Laboratories Building Life Safety, Security and Technologies Division. Sean has been involved in the research at Underwriters Laboratories and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He served on the UL Fire Council and is a member of the UL Fire Fighter Safety Research Institute’s Advisory Board. Chief DeCrane also represented the International Association of Fire Fighters in the International Code Council process and has served on the 2009, 2012, 2105 and 2018 Fire Code Developing Committee and as Chair for 2015 and 2018. Sean served on the NFPA 1 Technical Advisory Panel, NFPA Research Foundation on Tall Wood Buildings and is serving as the Chair of the Fire Test Work Group for the ICC Tall Wood Building Ad Hoc Committee.

Nick LedinFirefighter/Paramedic

Nick Ledin is a firefighter paramedic with the Eau Claire (WI) Fire Department, currently assigned to Engine 6/Medic 6. Ledin has been a student of the job for 13 years and is an instructor with Chippewa Valley Technical College and Central Lakes College. He’s a contributor to ‘Firefighter Rescue Survey’, an affiliate with FireNuggets MN/WI, and was a former president of the Northland FOOLS. He’s a technical committee member for NFPA 1700, was a former technical panel member for UL FSRI’s PPA/PPV Study, and was a co-host of “The International Perspective” on Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio. 

PJ NorwoodDeputy Chief Training Officer

P.J. Norwood is a Deputy Chief Training Officer for the East Haven CT Fire Department and has served four years with the CT Army National Guard. P.J. is a FDIC classroom, workshop and HOT Instructor, Fire Engineering Advisory Panel Member, Fire Engineering book and video author and served on the ULFSRI Technical Panel for the Study of Residential Attic Fire Mitigation Tactics and Exterior Fire Spread Hazards on Fire Fighter Safety. He has lectured across the United States as well and overseas. He is certified to the Instructor II, Officer III, Fire Marshal and Paramedic level.

John ShaferChief of Training & Safety

John Shafer is a 26-year veteran of the fire service and is currently Chief of Training & Safety at the Washington Township Avon Fire Department. John is a recognized instructor who has traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada delivering specialized training programs on Building Construction, Fireground Search, Fire Behavior, Firefighter Safety, and the Close the Door initiative. He has taught nationally at FDIC, Firehouse World, and Firehouse Expo. John strives to bring advanced training and new technologies to the Washington Township Avon Fire Department; keeping an open mind when learning about new advancements and discoveries while respecting the historic past of the fire service. John is passionate about sharing his findings with others and one of the ways he does this is through social media. John manages several fire service training pages and is also the founder and editor of greenmaltese.com. 

Becki WhiteAssistant Chief (retired)

Becki White has a Master’s Degree in Education from St. Mary’s University and the designation of EFO from the National Fire Academy. She has experience in both the fire service and education fields. White serves on the Minnesota Board of Firefighter Training and Education and on the advisory board for Fire Engineering magazine and the FDIC International conference.