Spreading the Word that Stops the Spread of Fire: Close Before You Doze

Article Explains How Closed Doors Can Save Lives

Fire Safety
October 5, 2017

Cover of online article

The UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute's (FSRI) Public Education Advisory Group published an article titled "Closed Doors Can Save Lives" in fire service trade magazine, Fire Engineering to support the Close Before You Doze campaign and discuss the importance of closing doors to the public, fire service and other stakeholders. 

The article shares several potential effects of a closed door during a fire including:

  • Reduced smoke (CO, HCN, CO2) in the closed room.
  • Reduced temperature in the closed room.
  • Reduced fire damage in the closed room.
  • Increased oxygen in the closed room.
  • Increased survivability in the closed room.
  • Increased escape times in the closed room.
  • Decreased oxygen to the fire area.

The Public Education Advisory Group members also share information on fire safety messaging, fire service education, public education, and the importance of partnering with other agencies to get the word out. 

To learn more about them and the campaign visit closeyourdoor.org

Read the article here