Watch the Underwriters Laboratories Battery Safety Science Webinar Series

Each Battery Safety Science webinar enables individuals from a wide variety of organizations and institutions to discuss their findings and expertise to advance society’s increased energy needs and help make the world a safer place.
Battery Safety Science Webinar Series

In this age of clean and green energy initiatives, the global demand for batteries has been increasing at a significant rate. Batteries possessing greater energy and power are rapidly becoming indispensable, and this demand has accelerated the search for new materials and chemistries to power the next generation. While scientists and researchers enhance the performance of state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, they’re also looking to the future—towards groundbreaking technologies that will give rise to new kinds of batteries beyond lithium-ion. 

The demand for advancements has brought renewed attention to the challenges underlying the quality and safety of batteries that people currently use. An uptick in lithium-ion battery safety incidents has not only increased scrutiny from regulators, it has also pointed out the urgent need for better safety regulations and testing standards. Understanding the science behind batteries will be critical in ensuring their safe performance and usage. In-depth research and testing can provide a holistic understanding into behavior in specific configurations and under relevant environmental conditions, which in turn can mitigate risk and provide a framework for developing reliable and safe batteries.  

To facilitate collaboration and awareness, the Underwriters Laboratories’ electrochemical safety research team is hosting a series of Battery Safety Science webinars. These sessions provide a forum for knowledge sharing and contribute to the development of safer energy solutions. Subject matter experts, researchers and battery and energy storage professionals come together to share battery safety research and testing insights and exchange ideas.

Lithium-ion technology has widespread use in consumer products such as phones, laptops and medical devices, and now, highly sophisticated battery systems are transforming electric vehicles, spacecraft and marine transportation, as well as leading to the creation of stationary renewable energy storage systems. Correspondingly, universities, research institutions, government agencies and industries throughout the world are leading efforts to produce batteries both rich in quality and performance and with significantly reduced levels of risk. 

The Battery Safety Science webinars enable individuals from a wide variety of organizations and institutions to discuss their findings and expertise. This is an exciting time to share scientific knowledge that advances society’s increased energy needs and makes the world a safer place.

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