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Educators Get Hurricane Recovery Safety Guidance From New Infographic

August 15, 2018

The 2017 hurricane season left flooding and destruction in many parts of the southeastern United States and the Caribbean. In addition to large-scale recovery and cleanup efforts, homes and schools urgently need to safely respond to these natural disasters. To assist this effort, the Underwriters Laboratories Education and Outreach team developed an infographic for classrooms, which acts as a checklist to guide discussion between educators and students.

Safety After the Storm: Helping Teachers Get Back Into Their Classrooms” contains information about gas leaks, the use of portable generators, electrical safety, mold, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Educators can use the information contained in the infographic about these risk factors to ensure safety is a focal point as they and their students reenter the classroom. The materials guide understanding and discussion around the unique challenges that teachers and students face as a result of a natural disaster.


Post Storm Infographic