UL Data Science

Data Science

Enhancing Research with Robust Data Analysis

Underwriters Laboratories leverages data science to contribute to research, inform policy and solve challenging safety, sustainability and security issues. We collaborate with scientists, leaders and data providers to spur innovation in the use of data to provide insights and solutions for our focus areas.

Organizations are quickly discovering the convergence of mathematics, statistics, computer science and the availability of data that enables powerful insights and new solutions to complex problems. Underwriters Laboratories uses its data analytics capability to make a long-lasting impact on safety by aggregating, analyzing and publishing hidden or underutilized data, and by applying data science to its work.
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Achieving Sound Solutions via Expert Capabilities

To advocate for data-driven solutions, it is essential to understand the data we have and generate, the data our partners and stakeholders have and generate, and the available open source data we can access. One of the sources of “power” of data science is the aggregation of multiple, seemingly disparate data sources, and conducting experiments to merge, relate or synthesize insights from the superset of data. This is one element of the Data Science team’s core capabilities. Other important elements include:

  • Providing data resources, tools and methods to researchers, advocates and policymakers
  • Conducting analyses, in conjunction with expert partners, to quantify, predict and solve safety, security and sustainability challenges
  • Bringing awareness to safety, security and sustainability issues by using data to tell stories, inspire inquiry and drive action
Optimizing Results Across Focus Areas

Data science improves the ability of our organization to accomplish its mission. Through the support of safety research, standards development, education, and outreach, data science enables better decision-making on projects, programs and initiatives. These capabilities are also leveraged to document impact and provide insights into future safety, security and sustainability challenges.

Underwriters Laboratories conducts original scientific research and releases information and reports for the benefit of public and private stakeholders.


Underwriters Laboratories conducts original scientific research and releases information and reports for the benefit of public and private stakeholders. Learn more about Data Science research projects through the initiatives shown below.


Browse our database of Data Science digital resources. Underwriters Laboratories conducts and documents original research and maintains this library of safety information.


Our teams convene key stakeholders and decision makers from a wide cross section of the safety community. We seek to foster relationships and facilitate discussions that improve safety policies and practices around the world.