Standards and Engagement

Collaborating to Achieve International Standards Cooperation

Underwriters Laboratories partners with national and regional standards bodies to drive creation of more effective standards.
Partnership agreement signed with Chinese standards development organization

Becoming a trusted partner throughout the world

As industry and infrastructure blossom in expanding markets, the need for effective standards becomes paramount. Underwriters Laboratories has put tremendous focus on establishing cooperative partnerships in the international standards development community. This approach aids expanding markets and Underwriters Laboratories’ standards development through collaboration and the sharing of safety information and ideas. To that end, UL convenes roundtable sessions with government and industry leaders and participates in discussions to develop and improve standards in emerging and established markets to improve safety. 

Facilitating discussions with key leaders 

Underwriters Laboratories convenes roundtable sessions with key leaders from industry, government, consumer groups, and standards bodies to promote the development of a robust ecosystem for quality, with discussions centered on creating a roadmap for the development of consistent and effective safety standards. 

International focus

Underwriters Laboratories actively supports international standards development. Experience in various parts of the world offers examples of how better standards development processes aid expanding markets. 

Underwriters Laboratories contributes to the global development of effective safety standards and codes and serve as a trusted partner through the sharing of our research, standards and safety information.

Cooperative partnerships strengthen international SDO relationshipsUL staff meet with representatives from international organizations.

UL Standards has a number of cooperative partnerships with national and regional standards development organizations around the world. These partnerships strengthen the ability of UL and our partners to promote the development and maintenance of effective safety standards. When UL establishes a cooperative partnership with a national or regional standards body, the goals are to:

  • Better address new and emerging issues (such as hazards and technology) with international partners through the sharing of UL standards, research and safety science
  • Collaborate on international standards issues of mutual concern
  • Improve understanding of our partner’s safety and standardization needs and priorities, which allows us to identify additional opportunities to advance our mission globally
  • Encourage international participants to participate in our standards development process 
  • Obtain information regarding how our stakeholders can engage in the standards development activities of our partners
  • Improve UL’s requirements by learning from our partners about emerging hazards, technologies and new safety science developments
  • Connect our partners with other parts of UL to advance our mission through engagements beyond standards cooperation. 


Fast Facts

  • Underwriters Laboratories actively collaborates in the global standards community.

  • Development of global partnerships is accomplished by sharing standards, standards development expertise and safety information.

  • Leveraging the expertise of Underwriters Laboratories and its partners is key to driving innovation and improving safety.

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