The Future of Safety Science
November 19, 2021

Research and Fire Investigation


Fire investigations are conducted using a systematic approach based on the scientific method. First, the investigator identifies and defines the problem. Next, they collect and analyze data to develop their hypotheses. Then they test their hypotheses and select the right one. Sounds simple, but it’s not. UL’s Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI) conducts research to improve fire investigations by providing cutting-edge information on fire dynamics in structures and the impact of ventilation on fire patterns while generating data that can be used to test hypotheses. Why is research needed to support fire investigation now more than ever? How do experts reconstruct a fire? How does this research improve fire investigation? Does this research improve the safety of fire investigators? Join the conversation.


Daniel Madrzykowski, Ph.D., P.E.
Research Director, UL's Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI)
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.