The Future of Safety Science

International Engineering and Geographic Diversity

UL Research Institutes
April 7, 2022


Although the need for safety is universal, sometimes the definition of safety – and how safety is determined – differs among different countries. Different geographies have different codes and installation practices, different materials in use and different training and practices. When developing safety standards for international application, it’s crucial to consider the differing needs of various geographies as well as differences in climate and culture. How is an understanding of geographic diversity incorporated into developing international safety standards? How does the standards development process differ between national and international standards? Join the conversation with these experts from Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Panel Moderator
Sonya Bird 
Director, International Standards

Kolin Low 
Regional Standards Manager: ASEAN, Japan, Korea, Australasia

Lakshmi Nair 
International Standards Engagement Manager

Manjunath V. 
Regional Standards Manager, South Asia and Africa

Eric Zhang 
Regional Standards Manager, Greater China Region

Zahi Daher 
Regional Standards Manager, Middle East and North Africa