The Future of Safety Science
September 3, 2021

How Is the World Engineered to Keep Us Safe?


Engineers and scientists at Underwriters Laboratories apply science to make the world a safer, more secure and more sustainable place. What exactly is safety, and what is safety science? How is the world engineered to keep us safe?

This webinar is part of The Future of Safety Science webinar series. In this series, we explore new careers, connect with experts from an array of disciplines and prepare you for your path forward. You can learn more about the series here.

Panel Moderator:

Christopher J. Cramer, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President and Chief Research Officer

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.



Judy Jeevarajan, Ph.D.

Vice President, Research

Electrochemical Safety Research Institute

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.


Steve Kerber, Ph.D.

Director, UL's Fire Safety Research Institute (FSRI)

Vice President, Research

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.


Philip M. Piqueira

Vice President, Global Standards

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.