Xplorlabs: Engaging the Next Generation of Real-World Problem Solvers Through Safety Science Education
January 27, 2021

UL Xplorlabs Partners with Harvard's LabXchange

Harvard campus overlaid with the text, "Personalize learning with LabXchange."

In October 2020, UL Xplorlabs published the team’s first collaboration with Harvard’s LabXchange platform. LabXchange is a free online learning platform by Harvard University created with support from the Amgen Foundation. The LabXchange platform curates digital STEM educational resources from “the world’s leading science organizations.” It was built with an emphasis on modular, personalized learning.

This partnership establishes UL Xplorlabs’ position as a thought leader in the field of dynamic STEM education. Additionally, the published resources serve as an invaluable resource to educators who seek high-quality, modular educational tools for teaching in a variety of settings.

On the platform, UL Xplorlabs joins the ranks of Harvard, Khan Academy, Wellcome Genome Campus, and The New England Aquarium to name a few.

By the end of 2020, UL Xplorlabs published select resources from the Portable Electrical Power module and the Extraction to E-waste module. Thanks to LabXchange’s flexible platform, these resources are available for students and educators to use individually or as part of a sequential pathway including videos, PDFs, and assessments.

Currently, the published resources primarily focus on safety science, lithium-ion battery chemistry and research as a career path. Going forward, the Xplorlabs team plans to regularly publish content from each module: Portable Electrical Power, Fire Forensics and Extraction to E-waste, as well as new content as it is developed.

More information on Harvard’s LabXchange platform can be found here. The UL Xplorlabs page on the LabXchange platform can be accessed here.