International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property Crime Conference

Underwriters Laboratories co-hosts global conference on IP crime.
2015 IP Crime Conference in Argentina

The International Law Enforcement Intellectual Property Crime Conference will be the 14th annual event (rescheduled from 2020) co-hosted by INTERPOL and the Judicial Investigation Department of Costa Rica, in partnership with Underwriters Laboratories. This global conference will offer two days of plenary and panel sessions, a series of breakout sessions and plenty of excellent opportunities for networking.

The 2019 IP Crime Conference, co-hosted by INTERPOL and the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation, South African Police Service (SAPS), took place in Cape Town, South Africa. The event gathered more than 500 senior law enforcement officials and security and industry experts from more than 80 countries. The event was held in partnership with Underwriters Laboratories and the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC).

Since 2014, the International IP Crime Investigators College (IIPCIC) has been celebrating excellence, innovation and performance across the IP and brand protection communities around the world by presenting IIPCIC Innovation Awards during the conference. Our annual awards are designed to acknowledge and reward those making a significant impact with innovative and effective approaches to fighting IP crime in this global and challenging environment.

These prestigious awards recognize the outstanding achievement of law enforcement personnel and governmental agencies who work tirelessly to combat counterfeiting and IP theft.

Subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions, the award(s) will be presented at the IIPCIC Awards Ceremony, during the International Law Enforcement IP Crime Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica (Oct. 12-13, 2021). All travel and accommodations will be provided for the award recipients.

Fast Facts

  • 600 senior law enforcement officials, security and industry experts attended in 2019.

  • In 2019, more than 80 countries were represented.