UL Xplorlabs: Connecting Scientists With Educators Through Webinars to Strengthen Education

Webinars in The Science and Practice of UL Xplorlabs series connect educators with experts in the field of education, science and engineering.
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Thought leadership and leading the way for the next generation of scientists and engineers

The Science and Practice of Xplorlabs series was created for two primary reasons: to amplify the work of the premier researchers of Underwriters Laboratories, and to support educators in search of high-quality STEM resources. Xplorlabs modules are built on the premise that in education, context is key, and the modules explain Underwriters Laboratories research to students in the framework of an engaging, real-world problem-solving scenario.

These same principles of context and quality education guide the Science and Practice of UL Xplorlabs. In these webinars, the audience of educators learns the context of the information presented in each module. The webinars also feature discussion segments which further bolster the connection between the attendees, presenters and subject matter.

The webinar series is structured in pairs: The Science of Xplorlabs and The Practice of Xplorlabs. In the Science of Xplorlabs webinars, Underwriters Laboratories subject matter experts illustrate the research behind the module, drawing a direct line between their own research and the STEM concepts explored in the modules. In The Practice of Xplorlabs webinars, experts in the field of education demonstrate the implementation of the modules in a variety of settings.

These webinars highlight and contextualize the world-class research of Underwriters Laboratories. They also build rapport between educators and the Underwriters Laboratories team, and they provide teachers with the tools necessary to take full advantage of Underwriters Laboratories resources. In particular, the webinars facilitate the use of the Xplorlabs platform and emphasize that it is a high-quality resource with a foundation in high-quality scientific research.

Information for upcoming webinars, as well as recordings of each webinar in the series, can be found at www.ulxplorlabs.org/webinars.

Fast Facts

  • Underwriters Laboratories scientists and researchers are highlighted as subject matter experts and leaders in their respective fields.
  • Webinars contextualize the pedagogy and scientific basis of UL Xplorlabs learning resources.