UL Xplorlabs: Connecting Scientists With Educators Through Webinars to Strengthen Education

September 8, 2020: The Science and Practice of UL Xplorlabs

February 5, 2021

Judy Jeevarajan

The Science of Portable Electrical Power

This webinar was led by Judy Jeevarajan, Ph.D., research director, electrochemical safety at Underwriters Laboratories; and Victoria Strickland, gifted education teacher at East Norriton Middle School.

In this webinar, Dr. Jeevarajan led educators into a deeper look at the basic chemistry of lithium-ion batteries, the hazards associated with them and how one can avoid some of the causes that lead to catastrophic failures with these batteries. Victoria Strickland discussed how she implemented Xplorlabs: Fire Forensics through distance-learning with her middle school students.

View the webinar recording and learn more here.