The UL Safety Index™: Driving Conversation, Inspiring Action

The UL Safety Index is an algorithm-based data science initiative to support those working for a safer world.

Quantifying the global state of safety

Underwriters Laboratories developed the UL Safety Indexan algorithm-based, data science platform in order to identify, inform and educate decision-makers and change agents on the state of country-specific safety ecosystems.

The UL Safety Index quantifies the relative state of safety in nearly 190 countries around the world as it relates to unintentional injury and death. By providing an overall index based on a robust algorithm with the capacity to evolve in depth and scope over time, the platform helps visualize the factors influencing safety where a country can improve as well as identify other countries where they may look for inspiration and potential solutions. Furthermore, it provides users with relevant data to explore specific safety outcomes, inform policy and investment choices, and support decisions for a healthier, more secure, sustainable and safer world.  

Uncovering solutions for a safer world

More than a way to identify problems, this powerful platform can:

  • Empower users to discover data-driven insights and best practices to enable positive change;
  • Encourage increased awareness of safety and wellbeing, including unintentional injury, as public health issues;
  • Foster comprehensive dialogue among policymakers and stakeholders about safety issues; and
  • Highlight priorities for investment in programs, policies and education that lead to safety solutions.

An ongoing initiative advancing safety across the globe

As UL strives to advance safe living and working environments around the world, the UL Safety Index will continue to evolve in support of that mission. Third-party collaborators are invited to contribute data and expertise to expand and improve the Index so that it may continue to serve as a support system for data-driven decision-making in the interest of global health, security and wellbeing.

Relevant Resources

RESOURCE #1: The UL Safety Index

Fast Facts

  • Underwriters Laboratories set out to quantify the relative state of safety by country.
  • The results provide data-driven insights that can inform policy, education and investment choices and support critical decision-making.
  • The study fosters collaboration between countries in the quest for improved health, security and safety.