Workshop: Battery Fires in Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage Systems

Electrochemical Safety

As part of World Energy Storage Day 2021, the Underwriters Laboratories Electrochemical Safety Research Institute will be conducting a workshop addressing a few different aspects related to battery fire safety in electric vehicles (EV) and stationary grid energy storage systems (ESS). In the past decade, the growth in the EV and ESS sectors has been exponential. The availability of various battery chemistries and the awareness in reducing the carbon footprint and increasing environmental cleanliness has led to the large investments in these two sectors. However, due to the nature of the battery chemistries being used, the challenges with respect to safety still exist.

Speakers will discuss the growth of the EV and ESS sectors and the safety challenges faced by these sectors globally and regionally. References to existing standards and research carried out in the area of characterizing fire and thermal runaway experimentally and with modeling methods will be presented.

Who should attend?

  • First responders and firefighters
  • Fire safety officials
  • Fire services training
  • Regulators for EV and ESS
  • Manufacturers of EV and ESS
  • Researchers in the area of EV and ESS fires
  • Students interested in EV and ESS sectors

Key findings to be presented

  • Understanding of battery fire safety, especially in the EV and ESS sectors
  • Safety hazards and challenges of lithium-ion batteries
  • Modeling and simulation of lithium-ion battery fires
  • Battery fire characterization

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World Energy Storage Day 2021
22 September 2021 9:30 AM CDT

Free to Attend