Sept. 27-28: E-Mobility in India: Safety and the Way Forward

Join us for a two-day symposium to discuss and bring awareness to the safety of batteries used in e-mobility.

Along with with IIT-Gandhinagar, Center for Safety Engineering, the Electrochemical Safety Research Institute (ESRI) invites key stakeholders in the electric vehicles (EV) sector to gather to discuss the challenges, possible solutions, and way forward in e-mobility. Hear from various speakers across the industry, including those from ESRI.

During the seminar, we will cover challenges of EV fires, particularly focusing on battery management systems (BMS), charging of EVs, and thermal runaway. Global experiences and challenges of fire services to deal with EV battery fires and solutions to address such incidents will also be deliberated.

Key takeaways and recommendations from the symposium will be considered for practical actions to support the ongoing efforts of the government, industry, and other key stakeholders in the EV sector.

E-Mobility in India: Safety and the Way Forward
Hybrid Event