Climate Impacts for Building Environment and Materials

On June 23, the Chemical Insights Research Institute (CIRI) is sponsoring a GreenCE webinar, “Research Scientists' Perspectives on Climate Impacts for Building Environment & Materials.” Dr. Marilyn Black will present virtually on how scientists are considering extreme conditions in their research and how materials used to design and construct our buildings are impacted by temperatures increasing, extreme water events and increasing humidity levels, and the challenge of fire and heat resulting from increasing wildland urban interface fires.

During this panel, Dr. Black will share scientists' ongoing research into the impact of changing environmental conditions on the release of chemicals, unexpected chemical transformations, microbiological growth, and resulting fire emissions and residues. They will discuss how this research may translate into tools for the building community, offering a glimpse into the future of designing healthy and durable materials and buildings. 

Participants can obtain continuing education credits by attending this webinar.  

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