Characterization of Lithium-Ion Battery Thermal Runaway in Energy Storage Systems and Electric Vehicles

Electrochemical Safety Research Institute

Thermal runaway is an undesired occurrence with lithium-ion cells and batteries when improperly designed, manufactured, or used. With the size of these batteries increasing exponentially and their use in confined spaces becoming more common, it is imperative to fully characterize the nature and products of thermal runaway.

Co-sponsored by The Electrochemical Society, this webinar will focus on thermal runaway in energy storage systems and electric vehicles. Dr. Judy Jeevarajan from the Electrochemical Safety Research Institute at UL Research Institutes will discuss:

  • the need to carry out such characterizations,
  • methods to take the test articles into thermal runaway,
  • the worst-case events observed, and
  • products of fire and smoke for test articles studied by ESRI.