AIA Conference on Architecture

Join us for the annual AIA Conference on Architecture 2023, the architecture and design event of the year. The conference offers thousands of architectural decision-makers insights to technical expertise, new products, and project solutions.

On June 9 at 2 p.m., Chemical Insights Research Institute (CIRI) will be part of a panel presentation, “Research Scientists' Perspectives on Climate Impacts for Building Environment & Materials,” focusing on how building materials are affected by increasing temperatures, extreme water events, increasing humidity levels, and wildland-urban interface fires. CIRI scientists will discuss the effects of changing environmental conditions on the release of chemicals, unexpected chemical transformations, microbiological growth, and fire emissions and residues. Ending with a discussion how this research may translate into tools for the building community, our session offers a glimpse into future design of healthy and durable materials and buildings. 

AIA Conference on Architecture 2023
Moscone Center
747 Howard Street
San Francisco, Calif.
United States